The Ultimate Guide to Men’s Dating Fails

Love them or hate them for it; men have always thought they know the ‘game’ better than the women. They would go to excruciating, usually embarrassing lengths to woo women they fancy. The men below are no different.

Men in Brazil pumped up by the influx of World Cup tourists have taken out their bag of tricks to work on the women in town.

Apart from regular pick up lines, they have new tricks up their sleeves. They are pretending to be world cup tourists to hook up with Brazilian women.

Proud of the ingenious idea and not the least ashamed of the antic, a local business man explained to Mashable, “People are much more likely to show an immediate, automatic interest in you, if you're speaking in English, when you go out in Brazil.”

Well that takes care of it doesn’t it?

But let’s face it; we can’t blame them for trying. After all their brethren all over the world are playing the same game with little variation here and there.

All’s fair in love and war.

We wish the Brazilian adventurers the best of luck.

And while we’re at it, take a look at the lengths men go through to woo women and how they fail.

Going Bare Dare

If you think that’s all you need to land you a decent, level headed girl, you’d better think again.

Useless Show Of Strength

Do NOT play the caveman please, no need to crush beer cans or be chopping lumber. If you are just decent and smart enough and you ‘click’ she will be charmed.

Showing the Other Dude Down

Taking on insane challenges or making stupid comments and comebacks to let your rivals look bad hardly ever works. In fact, it back fires more often than not. And boy, do you end up looking like a lout!

Drinking Too Much to Impress

You only end up looking silly and unreliable and you’ll be left with nothing but a helluva hangover. 

Acting Too Cool

Forget it. The best version of you is yourself- not someone you think she may like.

Playing the Sympathy Card

Really? How many guys can pull it off? For those not blessed with superb acting skills, this is a complete giveaway. It reflects oh-so-badly on you sir. You may bag yourself a trophy but it may not be the one you had in mind.

Feigning Interest in Things You Have No Interest in

Be it a trip to the museum, theatre or an art exhibition-It always shows. You get caught and end up looking more foolish than you can imagine.

Using Cheesy Pick Up Lines

They may work in bad movies; they don’t in real life.

Cooking When They're Not Good at It

There are many ways to impress a girl and if one of them Is not something you are good at; come clean. No need to make a fool out of yourself. But who can tell a dude that? They have been making a fool out themselves and the will keep at it till the end of times.

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