Makeup Guru Opens Up In Her Blog: ‘I'm Overweight And My Boyfriend's Not, Big Freaking Deal’

Gloria Shuri Nava is a 25 years old makeup artist best known for her Avatar and Chola Makeup Tutorials on YouTube.

Gloria Shuri Nava

Gloria Shuri Nava is a 25 years old makeup artist best known for her Avatar and Chola Makeup Tutorials on YouTube.

She has written  quite openly about how she is taunted because she has a ‘fit lean boyfriend.’

Her partner Ali, she writes, ‘is 5'10" with friendly blue eyes, a dimpled smile and a fit, muscular body. He's someone you'd expect to see with a really hot, thin woman...not an overweight girl like me.’

She challenges society’s perception on certain matters and how unjustified and senselessly cruel people can be on extremely superficial things. 

People normally are Ok with people of the same body type and even background to be together or in relationships. Which may not make sense to a normal thinking being, but is unfortunately the way things are.

Gloria Shuri Nava

Gloria Shuri Nava

She shares the atrocity of what she has to face: ‘When people say things out loud, their comments range from cruel (“Is he blind?” “He’s only with you to get a green card”) to awkward quips such as, “It’s great he can see past your looks,” or “He’s so nice for being with you.”

It sort of hit an extreme with her, when she confided to a friend, “I can’t believe he likes me!” he answered, “Yeah, I know!”

Even the subscribers to her YouTube channel do not refrain from such comments and comments like,
"She has a boyfriend? What is wrong with the world?" and "These two had sex?! Oh god, why?" are not uncommon.

Gloria Shuri Nava

The fact what the couple feel for each other is mutual love and understanding doesn’t really mean all that much to people.

But that doesn’t seem to matter to people. The couple, however, is happy just being together. Nava says in her blog that she has lost 40lbs recently and plans to lose another 40 pounds in the future and her boyfriend Ali is very supportive of all her efforts.

She has also launched The Beauty Adjustment, which focuses on the message that‘there is no one “normal” way to look or love.’

‘Beauty and relationships come in all shapes and sides: brown, yellow, short, tall, thin, fat – and one partner doesn’t have to mirror the other. Love is love. That’s a lesson that Ali taught me, and now I want to teach it to the rest of the world.’

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