Working With The Opposite Sex Makes For Unhappy Workers

Money can’t buy happiness, which is very true for men and women who work together.

A study titled Diversity, Social Goods Provision, and Performance in the Firm by Ellison and Wallace P. Mullin highlights effects of the dynamics between male and female coworkers.

According to this study published in the Journal of Economics and Management Strategy, productivity increases when working with the opposite sex, but the men and women working together tend to be unhappy with low levels of satisfaction. 

So in a nutshell, the firm enjoys the benefits of a growing business at the cost of unhappy employers.

It also means, the company or firm is essentially growing in terms of profit, revenue and all that jazz. 

men women productivity

But there’s a major buzzkill, because it comes at the cost of the endless pit of misery. 
men women unhappy workplace

Talk about the opportunity cost of gender diversity. Maybe it’s because when it comes to the opposite sex, there’s all sorts of feelings involved.

male female coworkers romance

Perhaps, in trying to impress the other, they work harder.

high productivity men and women working together

Or they just play hard to get, which is frustrating enough to not be distracting because it makes you want to hide inside your cubicle, forever.

office romance frustration

Then there’s the whole phenomenon where men don’t really know anything about working with women.

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men clueless about working women

And another study that  suggests working women are more likely to experience depression.

working women depression

There’s no winning. At the end of the day, the research only studied one firm. And most people, regardless of whether they are male or female, aren’t exactly thrilled at the idea of Mondays and corporate slavery.

monday blues gender diversity dynamics

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