McDonalds Pays Employee With Chase Giftcard

This is the first complaint regarding how, not what, McDonalds pays its employees.


A Pennsylvania woman expected her first paycheck after starting work at McDonalds. Instead, she received a pre-paid Chase giftcard as payment. The Chase giftcard comes with a $1.50 ATM charge, a $5 withdrawal charge, a $1 inquiry charge, and a $.75 online billing charge. The McDonalds employee was given no other options for payment. Even after the employee disputed her payment, she was still forced to take the giftcard or take nothing.

This news is yet another blow to McDonalds, which has had no shortage of hate and controversy placed upon it in the past few months. Most McDonalds hate has been in regards to how little McDonalds pays its employees. This is the first complaint regarding how McDonalds pays its employees.

The woman has now filed a lawsuit against McDonalds on behalf of herself, and other McDonalds employees paid with gift cards. The lawsuit claims that when McDoanalds paid their employees with pre-paid cards, that the company failed to pay employees in lawful money. Because the Chase giftcard had mandatory fees, it does not constitute as a form of legitimate payment.

The Chase gift card fees may seem small, but to a McDonalds employee every dollar matters. A current McDonalds employee said about the lawsuit, “I need to receive all the money I earn. I can’t afford to lose even a few dollars per paycheck. I just think people should be paid fairly and not have to pay fees to get their wages.” This employee earns only $7.44 an hour. The Pennsylvania woman likely received a similar wage.

McDonalds is doing itself no favors be continuing to treat its employees so poorly. Who knows how many more stories like this must happen before McDonalds employees fight back?

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