Here’s Why Winters Are Evil (GIFs)

Winters are unquestionably evil. It is the most miserable time of the year. These dark, cold and depressing days are pretty threatening for everyone, equally.

It’s the time when it’s freaking cold out there and you fear to step out. And if you do, you freeze.

All you can think about is your frostbitten limbs.

No matter how many layers you pile on, you’ll stay numb!

And walking becomes nearly impossible.

Remember those cold bed and sheets? Anyone?

Not that it was easy in summers but waking up in the morning becomes intensely difficult.

Thinking of using your smartphone for texting is never a good idea.

And your cars start playing hide and seek with you.


They eventually give up!

And the embarrassment of buying the wrong size snowshoes.

Also, flu and cough become your BFFs.

You almost try every over-the-counter cold remedy but nothing works.

And you can’t help but snuggle under your blanket to keep warm.

Your neighborhood turns into an ice kingdom

But still, you’ll make through it, like every year.

Think about those who apart from all of this, also deal with the unconditional weeping because of the horrific seasonal effective disorder!

Best of luck.

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