Fairy Godmother Mom Makes Her Daughter Feel Like A Disney Princess

All you need is a fairy godmother mom to turn you into a Disney princess.


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This little girl's own mother certainly makes for a pretty awesome fairy godmother. Jennifer has been dressing up her daughter, Lane, in Disney princess costumes ever since she was a little bunion. If every little girl's dream is to be a Disney princess, this mom more than makes it possible for her.



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Ten days after her daughter was born, she turned Lane into the Little Mermaid. How did this happen? She had saved some of the fabric leftover from a commissioned Poison Ivy costume and used it to stitch Ariel’s tail. Later on when she was more grown up, she used more scrap material to turn her daughter into Tinkerbell.

So far, she’s made 25 dresses for her daughter. Jennifer learned how to sew when she was 18 years old and had started working at a fabric store. Years later, she started making costumes for cosplay.

Having grown up with Disney herself – quite literally, as it seems this mom was a frequent visitor to Disney World along with her cousin during her childhood – she takes these costumes very seriously. She creatively handles her budget constraints by making use of all kinds of resources. The first fancy dress she ended up making was Cinderella’s ball gown – which made use of some shower curtain fabric she had found in Goodwill. 



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When she made Jane Porter’s dress from Tarzan, she said, “That dress is such a distinct bright yellow color. I was in Goodwill one day and I’m walking by and I see this tablecloth that is this great bright yellow and it just screamed Jane to me. It challenges me too, because I have a limited amount of fabric, but I make it work. It gives her something that’s unique and it just adds to the fun of making the dresses.”


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She decided to document her daughter’s Disney princess story on Instagram, where she uploads pictures of Lane in her princess attire interacting with Disney World.



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She's positive that wearing these dresses can help inspire her daughter to "follow her dreams."


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