Movember Is A Stupid Celebration

Why are we making growing facial hair a month-long special event, again?

Okay, man.  Whatever.  Just leave me out of it.

In recent years, November has been selected to represent a month-long event of some kind requiring every man capable of doing so to grow their facial hair, an event called Movember (Moustache+November).  Originally, the reason was to support a charity of some kind supporting men's health — how one supports a charity through facial hair is beyond my comprehension — though that seems to have been forgotten in the past year or so.  Now, it has just turned into some ridiculous celebration of growing facial hair, be it goatees, beards, or soul patches.  Why are we doing this, again?  It just seems completely unnecessary.

For the record, I shave regularly.  Every time I grow facial hair to a length that will create something (mustache, beard, soul patch, goatee, the Riker, etc.), every one of my friends are essentially creeped out at the prospect and politely suggest I go back to shaving.  Having facial hair is not for every man, clearly.  It just looks silly on some men. 

This is not to say that having facial hair is bad.  Obviously, some men can make their facial hair work.  But facial hair is not, and should not, be about some grand ideal of masculinity, and there really is no need to make a month out of it.  Why does any man need to prove that they are a man?  And why does growing facial hair make that a fact? It just does not make any sense.

It works both ways, really.  On the one hand, among the Haredic Jews, Muslims, and especially the Sikhs, a beard is a testament to one's faith.  On the other, most east Asian cultures look down on growing facial hair, if especially because it takes them far longer to grow any resemblance of facial hair than in other parts of the world (this one took 14 months to grow, for example, and killed a legendary cinematic partnership).  Furthermore, most militaries (including America's) do not allow their soldiers to grow facial hair, except in special circumstances, on the principle of maintaining cleanliness.  Also, in a brawl, a beard is a bad thing to have. 

More importantly, though, the concept of Movember just seems completely unnecessary.  Why make a big deal out of growing facial hair?  It's great that businesses and society in this country have become far more tolerant of men having facial hair.  But why make a month-long celebration of it?  If you really want to celebrate the fact that you can grow facial hair, why not do it at any time, and just be proud of that?  Many men probably do not even realize there is a specific charity that is behind this, and would lie when called out on it.  So seriously, enjoy your facial hair.  Just stop making a thing out of it.

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