The 5 Ways You're Most Likely To Die The U.S.

Spoiler alert: Ebola is probably not going to get you.

If you have ever wondered in what way you are most likely to die, now you can look into your morbid future, Americans.

A recent report by the National Safety Council highlights the most and least likely causes of death for people in the United States.

Here are some of the interesting highlights.

Ebola is least likely to kill you:

Only one in 3,934,300 people will end up dying of this virus, which has caused a global sensation in the news.

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Flaming pajamas:

It seems that four  people are cursed with the popular “liar liar, pants on fire” ideology every year.

Strangely, four deaths of people wearing pajamas that catch fire are reported annually. So don’t lie because there’s a 1 in 983,575 chance that you could die. It's not just pajamas: there are 69 deaths from flaming clothes happening every year.

Too many people end up killing themselves:

Chances of suicide are high. There are 16,093 successful suicides likely to occur annually.

For some odd reason, suicide by poisoning – probably by overdosing on pills – is less likely than people who hang themselves.

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Too many people fall down: 

Evidently, there are five causes of death that have one thing in common: They come about from a fall. This includes falling off a ladder, falling out a window, falling out of bed, falling down the stairs – or just simply falling.

Falling down the stairs is the most likely of these and falling off a ladder is the least likely. Either way, make sure your two feet are kept firmly on the ground because it’s a highly probable cause of death.

Good ol’ fashioned diseases are the main cause of death:

Heart disease, cancer, respiratory disease, stroke, Alzheimer’s and diabetes are the leading cause of deaths in ascending order. So take care of yourself – exercise, eat well and all that jazz because if there are eight people in a room, one person will get cancer or suffer from a heart disease.

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