The Strangest New Year’s Eve Traditions From Around The World

From wearing animal costumes to gobbling grapes, here are the wackiest ways of welcoming the New Year around the world.

New Year is welcomed with celebrations and exchange of good wishes around the world. The last day of the year i.e 31st December, is one of the most celebrated and joyous days and of course it should be as it’s New Year’s Eve.

Countries around the globe hold various different and interesting traditions to welcome the New Year. 

Different being the key word, we have put together the oddest New Year’s Eve traditions for you to look at and enjoy.

South Africa

In downtown Johannesburg, people celebrate New Year’s Eve by throwing old appliances out their windows. 

New Year’s Eve Traditions


Colombians walk around their block with empty suitcases to have a year filled with travel. 

New Year’s Eve Traditions


Soon after the bells, the first-footing begins i.e.when the first person to cross the threshold of a person's home in the New Year brings a gift for luck.Whiskey is the most common gift.

New Year’s Eve Traditions


In Japan people wear costumes of the next year's zodiac animal and go to a local temple.

New Year’s Eve Traditions


In Panama, dummies of political figures and celebrities are burned in New Year's bonfires.

New Year’s Eve Traditions


Spanish eat a grape at each bell strike at midnight for prosperity. 

New Year’s Eve Traditions


People in Russia write down a wish on a piece of paper, burn it, add the ash into a glass of champagne and drink it before 12:01. 

New Year’s Eve Traditions


Here people wear polka dots on New Year's Eve for luck. 

New Year’s Eve Traditions


Unmarried women play games to see who will get married in the next year. They hide rings and other items in their houses. The lady who finds the ring first will marry a handsome husband.

New Year’s Eve Traditions

These traditions might seem weird but we must acknowledge the optimism behind these customs. After all, the idea behind is to bring luck, prosperity and happiness. And who knows, it may actually work!

Happy New Year everyone! Here’s your gift.

New Year’s Eve Traditions

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