New York's "Hangover Club" Provides An IV Cure

Delivered to your door, an IV drip promises to have you back on your feet in no time.

Attention wealthy New Yorkers: Did counting piles of cash drive you to drink?  Was gazing out of your million dollar apartment's floor-to-ceiling windows the perfect opportunity to overindulge?

Oh nos! Don't let a painful headache or queasy stomach keep you from Wall Street or luxury good shopping. Unlike the poors, the wealthy can have a hangover remedy delivered. 

The rich are encouraged to put down the Alka-Seltzer and pick up the phone: The Hangover Club can help...for a hefty price. 

As the website says: "You don't have time to be hungover. You have shit to do."

Aspirin? Coffee? Nope. It's an IV drip. Settle back on that designer sofa, a nurse will arrive shortly and hook you up with an intravenous cure.

For $175, $219, and $249, you get a color-coded mix of saline solution IV drip that includes "A Blast of Liquid Super B Vitamins," and "a mix of 7 vitamins and minerals designed to recover quick and feel great for days." (Administered by a trained medical professional) 

Go ahead and pop the cork!

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