Your Brain Alignment Is Not The Problem – It’s You

Study claims that human beings are neither right-brained aligned, nor left.

A study conducted by University of Utah claims that evidence does not support the predominant theory that personality traits are determined by whether you are left brain aligned or right. Rather, neuroscientists suggest it’s an amalgamation of both.

This comes as a serious disappointment for those of us convinced our brain was either left-sided or right-sided. According to the popular theory, left brain-sided folk are reasonable, methodical and analytical, most likely to excel at careers in software engineering and accounting. Right brain-sided individuals, on the other hand, are touted as born "artists" with a penchant for being uber creative and imaginative.

Many of us became all bad ass about our shortcomings, simply dismissing them as innate and above alteration.

People who sucked at writing essays figured only the left side of their brain works and people who had mathematics phobia lamented that “only the right side of my brain works.” I remember feeling justified in my nonexistent math skills. Well, so much for that…

Guys, it’s time to search for another pop culture trend that explains our insufficiencies besides our lack of drive and collective complacency. Till then, you’re going to have to “assume responsibility” for your shortcomings.

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