NYC Subway’s Campaign Against "Manspreading" Backfires

Sick and tired of men taking up way too much space on the subway? Some people are fighting back against the wide stance.

They've finally done it.

New York City's Metropolitan Transit Authority has taken on "manspreading," probably winning the hearts of millions of travelers (read: women) crowded out by men’s inconsiderate style of sitting, eating up more space than required.

MTA is set to unveil public service advertisements aimed at men who spread their legs and hog an unfair amount of space on packed subway trains.

That's just one of the rude behaviors MTA wants New Yorkers to curb while commuting. The campaign is a vast one with the slogan, "Courtesy Counts: Manners Make a Better Ride," aimed at subway users who also do things like put bulky backpacks in the way of other riders. But it’s the ones reading "Dude...Stop the Spread, Please" – showing two subway commuters forced to stand because a man is sitting in the typical "manspread" stance with legs splayed into a wide V-shape – that has ruffled sensitive feathers.

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Though the campaign is aimed at making the commuting experience pleasant and comfortable for all, not everyone is taking it well:

Believe it or not, it turned into a sexist issue. Doesn’t just about everything nowadays?

Do you think it is a genuine problem or just a sexist attack on male commuters?

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