Here Are The Most Offensive Halloween Costumes Ever

Halloween is a day when people tend to get creative with their costumes and home decorations.

While some folks nail the celebratory preparations, there are some who miss the mark – rather terribly.

These people – intentionally or unintentionally – end up with ideas that are politically incorrect, insensitive or downright offensive.

Below are a few examples of distasteful Halloween costumes to avoid at any cost:


A costume website called Brands on Sale actually thought “Sexy Ebola Containment Suit” costumes would be a good idea.

What a fail


Meanwhile, a prestigious music club in Britain has been branded “reprehensible” over plans for an Ebola-themed Halloween party.

Domestic Violence:

If there is anything worse than domestic violence, it’s people who think it’s funny.

A number of pictures on the internet have gone viral which show people wearing Ray Rice’s T-shirts and dragging a dummy of a woman.


It goes without saying how disturbingly sick this kind of “humor” is.

Gun Violence:


How can someone even think of coming up with something as offensive as this?

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Terrorism can never be funny. Period.




This man thought his “blackface” and “homeless” costume would make for a good laugh. Fortunately, he was forced to take down this tweet.

Kinky Sexuality:


Raina Delisle was disgusted as well as disappointed when she went costume shopping for her little girl. So much so that she ended up penning an op-ed, "Halloween Costumes Are Sexualizing Our Youngest Trick-Or-Treaters." 

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