Oh Snap! L'Oreal Vs. Beauty Blogger

The giant beauty brand didn't do their homework. Reports are out today that L'Oreal sales growth has slumped to its lowest since 2009.

Reports are out today that L'Oreal sales growth has slumped to its lowest since 2009. Now there's more bad news for the beauty brand. A summer internship recruitment e-mail is a huge "fail".  

The "Beauty Lies Truth" blog is co-written by Jessica Assafa Harvard Business School student who receives dozens of offers from companies eager to have her as a summer intern. But a L’Oreal recruitment e-mail was a massive FAIL:  

If L'Oreal had done a little bit of research they would have discovered that Jessica is THE wrong girl to recruit. She's committed specifically to spreading awareness about unnecessary chemicals in beauty products and she's targeted a popular L'Oreal product.  Excerpts from her detailed response include: 

I actually just wrote an article for my website, Beauty Lies Truth, (beautyliestruth.com) about the top 10 best and worst beauty brands...I included L’Oreal’s “Professional Texture Expert Volume Elevation Volumizing Serum-Gel” on this list, as it is one of the most toxic products...ingredients (are) linked to cancer, developmental and reproductive toxicity, allergies and immunotoxicity, endocrine disruption, irritation, organ system toxicity, occupational hazards, biochemical or cellular changes, enhanced skin absorption, and ecotoxicology. Here is a link to the scientific data I referenced.  Consumer ignorance is L’Oreal’s only safety net protecting your harmful products.

Her conclusion could not have been a surprise to the enthusiastic Shadan:

Long story short, I will not be applying for an internship at L’Oreal.

Go Jessica! 

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