Old Spice Guy Has Found The Best Way To Pull Men Out Of Stupidity

Who cannot take anything Old Spice hunk Isaiah Mustafa says seriously?

Who cannot take anything Old Spice hunk Isaiah Mustafa says seriously?

 Here he is making an intervention, so to speak, against nine fake websites for manly products.

Not many men can resist clicking on websites that promise the likes of push up muscle shirts to hide belly fat,  black leather sheets or spray-tan parties, can they?

Well, click on anyone of these and you will find a self assured Mustafa appearing on screen and showing his comical disdain for all such products and the people who fall for them.

His message is simple, “Don’t look like an idiot; start making adult decisions.”

Wieden + Kennedy, a Portland based advertising agency, developed nine fake websites for the brand which users can share with their friends as a 'prank.'

Each website promotes a hard to resist 'manly' product.  However, once clicked, you have to deal with the Old Spice guy.

Try them out:

Neck Workouts

Solid Gold Bluetooth Headsets

100% Leather Sheets

Protein cologne

Spray tan parties

Brodominiums – condos inside gyms

Bargain tattoos

Soulpatch flavor powder

Spread them out and have fun!

Don’t worry; more than pulling a prank, you’ll be doing your susceptible friends a favor.

The campaign is so imaginative and hilarious that one can even forgive the brand for coming up with their recent commercial with creepy mothers unable to let go of their sons.

All things said, its always a treat to feast one’s eyes on Isaiah Mustapha. All the men in the world, including the great Fabio, can’t take his place.

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