Dating Apps, Deadly Violence Bad Combo In The West Bank

Can a love connection between Israelis and people in Palestine survive war?

All's fair in love and war -- but what does love look like in war? 

A Tumblr set up by young adults working in the West Bank shows what happens when would-be lovers make connections with Israelis over Tinder and Grindr.

Can hookups trump bombs? Not often.

The text exchanges between those in Palestine and Israel are often eye-opening and somewhat downright depressing, either for the vitriol or the ignorance shining through. 

(Don't even get us started on this exchange.)

The anonymous people who set up Palestinder say: 

Does love conquer all? During a summer working in the West Bank a few 20-somethings decided to create a little social experiment: How will the Israeli occupation of Palestine be reflected in dating apps? We joined Tinder/Grindr, both of which were primarily populated by Israelis... Below are some of our many conversations:




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