Latest Parenting Trend: Flushing Money Away

Yanked from the files of People Will Pay For Anything: professional potty trainers.

You can get anything in New York City. Including someone to potty train your child.

Professional potty trainers are, believe it or not, a thing. And they're growing in popularity. Why suffer through that childhood rite of racing your kid to the bathroom when you can pay someone to do it for you?

And pay you will. NYC Potty Training charges $925 for one day or $1,750 for two days of professional potty training services. 

If a child has special needs, a medical problem or a parent has highly unusual circumstances, it might make sense to bring in a potty consultant. But this is just the latest example in outsourcing parenting.

No one is going to claim mopping up after accidents is any fun. But why bother having kids if you don't want to deal with parenting? 

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