Here Are The Best Bets To Live Abroad For Globetrotting Grads

You don't have to say goodbye to your globetrotting dreams. Here are means through which you can be adventurous without going broke.

More and more college graduates are opting to live abroad for a few years after school. While it is an incredible opportunity, it can be difficult to navigate the path to going off the beaten path and relocating to a foreign country.

While there are countless opportunities to volunteer in developing countries in Asia, Africa and South America, few of them offer remuneration or a stipend to live.

The Peace Corps, through which volunteers serve for over two years in one of the 73 countries the program operates in, is one of the most financially viable options. It offers a reasonable stipend, health insurance and a relocation allowance upon completion of the term.

If you're considering packing your suitcase and setting off on an overseas adventure, check out your best options to sustain yourself while living abroad.

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