Watch Out For Baby Ted Bundy: Serial Killers Most Likely Born In November

Why are Scorpios so creepy? Turns out they could be serial killers!

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Do you know anyone born in November? Or are you planning to have a baby that will be born this month? Well, proceed with caution because according to a study, people born in November have a higher chance of being serial killers.  

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This isn't some old wives' tale; it's based on research by Ph.D. student Jan Ruis. He conducted a study on the “Statistical Analysis of the birth charts of serial killers.” He uses a lot of astrological buzzwords and applies methods of correlation to conclude that serial killers were most frequently born in the month of November.

But that does not mean it's some kind of self-fulfilling prophecy if you or anyone you know happened to be born in November.

The good news is that famed serial killers such as H. H. Holmes and Ottis Toole were not born in November. And no one even knows when Jack the Ripper was born. Maybe, it’s just a Scorpio thing.

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