People's Reaction to Catcalling Is A Bigger Problem Than The Wolf Whistles

People’s reaction to the sexual harassment video is shameful as well as sickening.

People's Reaction to Catcalling Is A Bigger Problem Than The Wolf Whistles

A PSA showing a woman (actress Shoshana B. Roberts) facing street harassment in New York has gone viral. The video is a thought provoking and grim reminder of what women face every day. If you think street harassment is bad, you’d be amazed to know the reaction the video has been getting. The woman in the video has actually received rape threats.

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The video struck a chord with many and the message hit home. But not for all – the video has received a lot of hateful comments. YouTube has been deleting the threatening and truly offensive ones but the ones left on the site are scary enough. 

Have a look:

Such comments are perhaps a bigger danger than the harassment itself as it not only gives rise to more sickening behavior, but breeds tolerance for it as well. A society that stops thinking wrong is wrong and the one that starts defending it is surely headed toward disaster.

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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “non-contact unwanted sexual experiences” is the most prevalent form of sexual violence for both men and women.

According to research, 65 percent of American women have experienced unwanted attention from strangers on the street. The fact makes it more of an epidemic than a problem. Out of the 65 percent, 41 percent of those women have experienced physically aggressive forms of harassment, including being followed, touched, flashed, or forced to do something sexual.

There are three things anyone saying the video is making too much out of nothing should understand:

  1. Calling out compliments to unknown people, following them around, trying to strike up a conversation when the other person is visibly trying to ignore or discourage such behavior is nothing but harassment.
  2. Nothing anyone wears or doesn’t "asks" for disrespect or harassment – if that were so, women in Muslim/Arab cultures would never get harassed or raped but they do.
  3. No amount of justification makes a wrong right.
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