Drinking Frogs Is Good For You – Wait, What?

Would you like to go green with a glass of frog juice?

“Would you like a glass of frog juice with that?”

That’s something you might actually hear on the streets of Peru, where many frog juice bars operate. Yes, your eyes do not deceive you, it’s not fruit juice.

The juice is made by blending a raw frog, along with carrots, Peruvian maca root and some honey because a little sweet touch never hurt anyone. This, of course, is what comes about after a live frog is “whacked” to death right in front of you.

Believe it or not, the result of what seems like a science experiment gone terribly wrong is actually considered a health drink by the locals.  Some Peruvians and Bolivians believe that the frog, which is known as a Titicaca water frog, provides nutrients that can help in dealing with a wide range of health issues such as asthma, osteoporosis, fatigue and a low libido – which is rather unfortunate because the tailless amphibian apparently belongs to an endangered species.

So, stomachs quenched and bottoms up!

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