9 Mouthwatering Pizzas From Around The World

No matter where it's from, a pizza never disappoints.

While pizza, as we know it, is widely believed to have been invented in Naples, Italy sometimes during the 20th century, it has since turned into a global phenomenon. The combination of oven-baked bread topped with tomato sauce and cheese and sprinkled with meat and veggies is a weakness of every foodie, no matter how diverse their taste is.

Of course, cultural adjustments are made to pizzas around the world as per the local taste, but the basics always remain the same.

Check out nine pizza creations from around the world that will have you ordering a pie in no time:

Turkey: Lahmacun


Hungary: Langos


Georgia: Khachapuri


Japan: Okonomiyaki


France: Tarte Flambee


Spain: Coca


Lebanon: Manakish


New York, NY: New York style


And now, where it all started:

Naples, Italy: Neapolitan

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