Creating The Perfect You-There’s An App For That

As if all the body image mania wasn’t enough, there is a plethora of plastic surgery apps out there to tease your mind.

As if all the body image mania wasn’t enough, there is a plethora of plastic surgery apps out there to tease your mind.

The basically provide the following services:

1.       Lets you see tons of before and after photos

2.       Simulate the kind of surgeries you may need and what you will end up looking like after them

3.       Tell you what the revamp will cost you

4.       Get you in touch with plastic surgeons in your area

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Here are a few and what you can get out of them:


BodyPlastika allows users to virtually test cosmetic surgery procedures on their iPads, iPods and iPhones. One can upload their photo and simulate all sorts of procedures including nose jobs, cheek implants, chin and lip augmentation, jaw line contouring and a range of liposuction treatments. It costs $1.99.


The iLipo app enables users interested in liposuction to perform virtual procedures on themselves. They can also participate in live consultations with renowned New York cosmetic surgeon Dr Kevin Tehrani to learn more about liposuction and request a price quote from him. This one doesn’t cost anything.

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As the name goes, this app enables one to get advice from physicians on the kind of procedures they want done and also provides a list of cosmetic surgeons in the area.

The app is from the Decide series by Orca Health costing $2.99.


Now this is free, but one of the most comprehensive apps detailing the estimated costs and kinds of procedures from skin rejuvenation, hair removal procedures as well as actual plastic surgery that one may need to have.

As helpful as these apps may be, they do more harm than good. As it is there aren’t many people out there who are happy with the way they look and will do anything to alter their appearances for the better.

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What it does is make light of life-changing operations. Imagine the fascination and addiction of sitting down for hours trying to create a perfect version of yourself.

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