Birds Eye’s New Marketing Strategy Is Simply Genius

In here, your money is no good, but make sure you have a camera phone or you might end up washing the dishes.


Birds Eye is now waltzing the social media dance and can teach you a thing or two about marketing.

The frozen foods brand definitely has a bird’s- eye view of how marketing ought to be done – and one likes what they see. It has taken full advantage of the current worldwide trend of taking food photos and sharing them on social outlets to champion a cause of its own.

In what is being hailed as a brilliant initiative, Birds Eye launched a pop-up restaurant eloquently named “The Picture House”.  

What’s so clever about this?

The Picture House has no interest in your money, you see. Instead, it makes a much, much more self-effacing request of its patrons: a picture of the two-course free meal uploaded onto Instagram, Twitter or Facebook using the hash-tag #BirdsEyeInspirations.

The first one of these pop-up restaurants opened in London to positive acclaim and is now making its way to Manchester and Leeds.

However, you know better than to be taken in by free meals, even if the meals really are free. It would be naive to assume that this move comes from the goodness of Birds Eye’s corporate heart. Like all “free meals” this offer is anything but free.

Sure enough, it has an ulterior motive that is lurking under the table, calculating when to pounce and catch you unaware.

So let’s cut to the chase. What does Birds Eye want?

The innovative marketing methods are actually just a small element of a much bigger campaign by private equity firm Permira.


Now Permira wants to double its operations by the year 2020, and so it is trying to make lucrative use of social commerce. Only last year, the company’s marketing director, Margaret Jobling, explained to Marketing Week that the social media push hoped to build brand loyalty among adult diners and families. They are trying to gain tractions to the latest Inspirations line, a new selection of premium chicken and fish recipes.

His precise words were: “The Picture House appeals to the current trend of taking photos of our food and sharing them on social channels and we feel that this is an exciting platform on which to champion two new premium products."


According to the extensive research carried out by Birds Eye, 52 percent of people in the UK regularly snap pictures of their meals. Nine percent admit they cannot go a single day without photographing their food. The jury is still out over just how much of the population enjoys eating hashtags.

This master plan has done exceedingly well too.

Social media offers an immeasurable opportunity, teeming with marketing prospects.

While almost every organization on planet earth has hopped on the Facebook and Twitter bandwagon, Birds Eye goes far beyond the elementary.  

It has not only made some incredible use of current trends to spearhead its frozen goods, but taught fellow organizations how to profitably maneuver social media.

One word: brilliant.

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