If You Are Doing Any Of These At Work, You Need To Stop Immediately

How are your habits affecting the people at your workplace?

How do you know you have become a nuisance for your coworkers? What exactly are the traits of an employee that a boss absolutely hates?

Go through the following ten signs and find out if your habits are increasingly becoming a problem for you at your workplace.

  1. You do not take care of personal hygiene:

Problem Employee

You can’t just spend eight to ten hours with someone in the same room if they have some serious personal hygiene issues.

Take a bath, brush your teeth, keep your nails clean and wear some cologne.

Problem Employee

Also, be careful about your eating habits. If your keyboard has more crumbs on it than your plate then it’s time to clean up your mess.

  1. You’re noisy:

Problem Employee

Do you cracking your knuckles, munch loudly or whistle in your cubicle? Do you like humming your favorite song while typing? If yes, then stop immediately.

Do not wait for your colleagues to point it out for you.

Problem Employee

  1. You bring smelly lunches:

Problem Employee

When you share space with other people you should be mindful about the fact that different people have different tastes. Not everyone would like the idea of opening a box full of leftover vegetable spaghetti in a packed air-conditioned room.

  1. You probably lack manners:

Problem Employee

If you think good manners don’t really matter at work then you’re deeply mistaken.

Supervisors, especially, take everything you do or say into account when they observe you dealing with other people.

Make sure you’re saying your thank yous and sorrys. They matter.

It’s a good thing if you know your stuff. Nothing could be better.

However, make sure your knowledge and skills do not become a nuisance for your colleagues who may or may not share the same views. Listen them out, give them a chance to speak and wait for your turn.

  1. You make a lot of excuses:

Problem Employee

Your excuses to delay assignments can slowly poison the relationship between you and your boss.

Remember, your superiors are superior to you for a reason. You might think you’re clever but they always have an idea of what’s really happening.

  1. You have a habit of saying no:

Problem Employee

Saying no to your boss can be as bad as saying yes to him. Do not get yourself blacklisted. There will always be more and better people to take on your tasks. If you don’t like working on weekends, it’s fine but you can always try to work it out with your supervisor.

Don’t – ever – let them feel that you don’t acknowledge their requests.

This is perhaps one of the worst things you can do to yourself in a workplace. Never try to undermine or hijack anyone’s effort.

Office politics is understandable but backstabbing can never get you anywhere.

  1. You just can’t say anything nice, can you?

Problem Employee

Try not to be an abominable snowman. If you are an experienced employee, use it to guide other people. Shooting down ideas just because you think they are not good enough according to you can lead to an uncomfortable situation between you and your colleagues.

Also, avoid unnecessary or irrelevant criticism of coworkers.

  1. And last but not the least, you are always late for work:

Problem Employee

Remember this: tardiness is not, under any circumstances, tolerated at any office. If you have a habit of arriving late at work then consider yourself done.

In fact, bosses tend to like employees who make it on time – a phenomenon known as “the morning bias.”

According to a May 2014 study from researchers at The University of Washington managers are more favorable towards early starters than they are towards workers who come in and stay late.

The amount of hours worked or the quality of said work does not even come into negotiation.

So, if you think you are doing at least six (or more) of the aforementioned points at your work place then it’s time to readjust your attitude and habits.

You don’t want to become the problem employee, do you?

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