Purrr...This Cafe Is The Cat's Meow

An Oakland cafe serves up teas and lattes alongside a variety of pastry delights. But there's a twist.

cat cafe lady dinah

Normally, if you strolled into a cafe and saw dozens of cats lounging around, you might back away.  But the Cat Town Cafe is one restaurant where people come because of the cats hanging out on chairs and rugs. 

All of the cats are for adoption. And the cafe isn't just a stunt - teas, coffee and pastries are served too. 

“Most of them have been at the shelter for four months or more. So as much as this is a super fun experience, it’s really a mission-driven project to get the cats out of the shelter and into great homes,” said co-founder Ann Dunn. 

In addition to cat adoption, you can just spend time with a kitten.  In  "The Cat Zone" there are 14 cats roaming at any given time.  People pay a $10 donation to spend one hour with the young cats, none older than 1 year.

In a unique promotion, the cafe has started a #30CatShirtsIn30Days campaign. If you've got an old shirt laying around that features cats, mail to the Cat Town Cafe. They want to feature shirts from all over the world. 

Cat Town is now like an exclusive 5 star restaurant! The cafe is so popular, reservations are required just to get in the door on weekends.  On Sunday evening, Cat Town actually ran out of cats according to Dunn.

Cat Town is an independent, non-profit organization that operates through a partnership with Oakland Animal Services. They've helped over 600 cats and kittens. 

A similar pop-up cafe opened in Los Angeles in October

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