Quitting Smoking Sucks: Day 1

For all intents and purposes, today is the first smoke-free day I’ve had. It sucks.


I’m on Day 1 of not smoking. Technically, I haven’t had a cigarette in about two weeks, but that all involves stomach ulcers and nicotine gum. For all intents and purposes, today is the first smoke-free day I’ve had. It sucks.

I found myself on a list of quitting tips. I was bummed that the tip I was hoping for, “Kill everything”, wasn’t there, but there were some ideas that I will share with you readers at home.

Make a list of reasons you want to quit

- I need to quit eventually, and this is as good a time as ever

- My mom will never leave me alone otherwise

- I used to smoke with my college buddy. He’s gone now. I smoke by myself and it’s lame.

- It’s like 35% of my monthly spending!

- California girls don’t do the smoking thing like Tulane girls did

- It makes me look like a fool

See, here’s a problem. I know I should quit, but I don’t really want to quit. This is a story for another day, but I’ve done the whole “stopping a bad habit” thing before, and the key to my success was a deep-down willingness and acceptance to change. How do I find that here?

Get support from others

I don’t really expect support, and it doesn’t seem like others plan to give it. Quitting smoking sucks, but smoking in general is remarkably stupid. To stop killing yourself with foul-smelling tar sticks doesn’t usually demand the rest of the world praise you as the messiah.

Manage Stress

Sorry. JOB.

Do It For Your Health

Something I kind of like that I’ve noticed the past few times I quit smoking for a while is that the hairs in my throat start to come back, and like a parent returning home to see a bunch of high-schoolers passed out near her pool, isn’t happy about it. The response by my throat is to hack and weeze a bunch of gross flem up in rage. I kind of like that; it’s a true sign that things are getting better.

I’m doing it for the flem! 

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