16 Times Little Kids Were Winning On The Internet

The brutal honesty of little kids is the best. Maybe there’s some truth to the idea that the older we get, the more brain cells we lose – ergo.

we grow stupid. So technically kids are, in fact, super smart and talented. And after seeing these images, you’ll know just how much they’re winning.

1) Firstly, they were born with swag. #TrueStory bro. 

baby swag

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2) They know what matters:

kids love matters

3) Even when they’re writing to Santa:

kids santa lionking

4) They’re insanely innovative. Honestly, who would think about capitalizing on a situation like this kid did:

kid business money making with cats

5) In the wintertime, they seem understand the dynamics of architecture more than you’d imagine:

kid snowman

6) They know how to pick their battles:

7) And how to care for the environment:

kids giraffe hating

8) Not to mention they’re evil geniuses when it comes to avoid getting in trouble:

9) And when they believe in something, like recess or break time, they know how to fight for it, the lil’ revolting tykes:

kids snow hack recess

1?0) Their sense of logic beats almost everything: kids solving math logic

11) Seriously, you can’t argue with them because you’d fail:

12) Let us stress that you would not just fail – you would fail epically:

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13) And it doesn’t help that they know exactly what our adult problems are like:
kids on happiness mcdonalds tweet

14) They’re just BETTER human beings:

kid animal lover

15) Case in point: they believe all living things, even inanimate objects, deserve to be treated right, even if it means giving them a name: 

16) Yep… they’ll be just fine in the real world:

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