10 Sure Ways To Know You’re The Most Hated Person Ever

If you do any of these, chances are you are not very well liked as a person.

10 Sure Ways To Know If People Hate You

We’ve all got our pet peeves. And recently, the Internet asked Reddit users: “If there was a book called 'How To Be That Person Everybody Hates', what would be in it?"

There are all sorts of things that can spew hatred and gain people’s unfaltering irritability. Rudeness, stupidity, drama are unfortunately a part of the human race. But for the sake of knowledge, here are the most annoying things people tend to do these days that grate on other people’s nerves:

1) Playing music

This form of hateful behavior manifests itself in different ways. Either in the form of that pseudo hipster on the bus wearing headphones listening to dub-step music way too loud, or when your own kin blast it in the family car – these guys are everywhere!

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2) Those people that don’t let you finish your sentence

Not only is this annoying, it’s downright rude. These people are widely believed to endorse the phrase “I don’t even…” which was a running candidate for Time’s worst words of the year 2014.

3) Those monsters who try to blind you with their high-beams

the effect of high beam driving

It’s late at night, and you’re trying really hard to be a courteous driver. But no, the moron behind you insists on taking idiocy to the hilt. This is that moment when you wish life were a game of Mario Kart.

4) That moment when you try to end a conversation – but the other person is just that socially awkward

Talk about being stuck between a rock and a hard place. Some just don’t want to let go of an uninteresting conversation. One user full of wisdom said, “Why is it so hard for people to say ‘sorry to interrupt you, Brad, but I've got to take a shit, so I'll talk to you later.’ And then walk away.”

5) Starting every sentence with the word “actually”

It’s like a cold war debate, where every sentence is a point for the argument you’re imagining in your head. This is an actual thing – actually – and it’s actually annoying.

6) Giving us front row seats to the start of your digestion process

No really, we don’t need to see (or hear) what’s going on in your mouth. So chew with your mouth closed please, because you are no longer five years old.

7) Lip-smackers

Everyone unfortunately knows one of these. They take a swag of beer, or a sip of their morning tea and they just have to gulp is down really loudly. Sometimes, they’ll smack their lips afterwards. It’s just awful…

8) That guy who knows all the latest spoilers

Whether its sitting next to you in the movies, or the Game of Thrones know-it-all – these poisonous scum of the earth should come with a warning sign of sorts, because they get some kick out of ruining your favorite show or movie or book. And you can't even stop them once you start, like a slow painful death. 

9) That jerk who thinks it’s okay cutting in line

It’s not your turn. What happened to patience and civility? There’s a reason there’s a line. The whole “some rules are meant to be broken” is a juvenile mindset.

10) Walk really really, really slowly

Life becomes a movie in slow-motion, complete with a Beethoven soundtrack. The world is a happening place, people should learn to move with it or just stop getting in people’s way, especially on the stairs.

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