Redditors Boggled With Amazing Sex Change Transformation From Male to Female In 3 Years! (VIDEO)

A video posted by Redditor dodge1, titled, Male to Female 3 year Timeline has boggled the minds of the Redditors and is obviously going viral.

A video posted by Redditor dodge1, titled, Male to Female 3 year Timeline has boggled the minds of the Redditors and is obviously going viral.

The astonishing video shows the transformation of a boy into a beautiful girl within a period three years. Its YouTube description reads:

“This video is of me going through a 3 year transition (Roughly one thousand pictures). I have had FFS during the process. I started roughly around when I was 20 - 21 years of age.”

After watching this video, one thing definitely pops up in your mind that is that Estrogen is a hell of a drug… its miraculous!

Check Out what Redditors think of this guy turning into a girl:


So if I take estrogen I can have luscious hair like that and not be balding anymore? :D


Priorities gentlemen! Is there a law by which if a dude becomes a chick they always have to wear a orange sweater and neon green scarf or something so I don't waste an evening hitting on the wrong thing? I mean do what you want with your body but that chick kinda looks hot and now I can't stop thinking how many chicks I know might be dudes...


My opinion - Eyebrows, jawbone line, thinning of the nose (I think its makeup). To a lesser extent - hair and clothing.



So, what's fueling this transformation? Drugs? Surgery? I've seen a few of these transformation videos pop up recently and honestly the level of change is impressive. Anyone have any insight they'd like to share?


It definitely looks like she got a nose job somewhere in the middle there.


That is crazy! Those surgeons are artists. I never knew how great they could make it look. I can't imagine the recovery period for the patient, though. Owch.


Testosterone and Estrogen are amazing. I have actually seen folks faces change a great deal like hers has, without any facial surgery. It's pretty amazing.

Also, body language and makeup play a large part as well, knowing how to ah... "play the part" is the best way I can explain it. As a woman or man, you walk, talk (not meaning how deep your voice is, either), gesture, sit, and even express your face in different ways. It's subtle, but it's there.


The power that testosterone and estrogen have on our bodies is amazing. Typically, someone whose going from M to F will be taking drugs that both suppress testosterone and add estrogen to their bodies. The effects of those drugs though will depend on the individual though. Softer skin, less (or no) body hair, shapelier hips (by fats moving there), breast development (yes, actual breasts will grow) and just over all feminization of the body. Generally speaking, the physical traits we give to men or women are created by testosterone or estrogen. If you're a woman and want facial hair? Get testosterone shots. After a period of hormone therapy, typically an transgendered person will opt for surgery. Obviously the most common is genital, but there are a lot of others ones as well; even shaving down the adam's apple for example. Unfortunately a lot of these things cost a large chunk of money. I know someone who can't afford anything beyond OTC meds for herself because its too expensive. It's amazing what can be done though, check out Miss Tiffanys Universe if you want more examples.
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