Forget The Pill, Women Will Soon Control Fertility By A Remote Control

Women will soon be able to control contraceptives through a wireless remote control. Let’s just make sure it's Internet-safe.

Remote Controlled Fertility

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has developed a contraceptive implant via for women, which can be deactivated and reactivated using a wireless remote control.

Apparently this contraception is 20 millimeters long, can last for 16 years and can be implanted under the skin of buttocks, upper arm or abdomen. With a green signal from the FDA regarding the device's safety, effectiveness and security, women will be in full control of their contraceptives without having to visit any doctors.


This would be a big relief for women, especially in the developing countries where visiting doctors on time can become an obstacle. Moreover, no current contraceptive lasts for more than five years, so the possibility of having it for over a decade is quite a big success for the biotech department.

However, critics did question whether it was "foolproof," and if it had the tendency to be accidentally turned on or off. With all the hacking hysteria in the news, naysayers aren’t convinced that the microchip it contains won’t be accessible by the Internet.

Nonetheless, the new invention seems to be quiet efficient as it comes with a small password-protected remote that is by no means is accessible from the Internet. Further, high tech devices which contain chips have been invented earlier for different causes and have been approved. So let’s keep our fingers crossed for this contraceptive to be first launched in 2018.

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