Got A Famous Bollywood Name? Get Airline Discounts

Here’s another one of Virgin Atlantic owner Richard Branson’s fun filled schemes.

Here’s another one of Virgin Atlantic owner Richard Branson’s fun filled schemes.

If your first name is the same as one of twelve famous Bollywood characters, Virgin Atlantic has a treat for you in the form of a discount on air tickets.  So before taking up the offer, be sure to thank your parents for naming you what they did.

In its own unique way of paying homage to Indian cinema, Virgin Atlantic has chosen Karan, Simran, Anthony, Tina, Vijay, Pooja, Arjun, Priya, Rahul, Kiran, Rohit or Sonia as the names that can avail the discount.

You are entitled to a 5 percent discount on Economy class tickets and a 10 percent waiver on Premium Economy bookings.

The scheme is part of the Richard Branson-owned airline's 'Feel like a Star' campaign, which aims to convey the airline's hip, innovative and localized experience to flyers.

Last year, we flew over 1,000 passengers with these shortlisted filmy names and are looking forward to welcoming many more Rahuls, Priyas and Rohits on-board this summer," says Stephen King, General Manager of Virgin Atlantic - India.

Richard Branson loves spicing things up. Among other things, the billionaire has space travel plans via the Virgin Galactic SpaceShip up his sleeve and now this.

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So hurry up, if you share your name matches any of these famous Bollywood characters, the bookings are open from March 18 to April 17 for travel up to July 31.

So all the more reason to love Bollywood. Or Wait, it’s an equally good reason to love Richard Branson isn’t it?

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