Rudolph The Red-Nosed Bicycle Called Rudi (Video)


Eccentric German bicycle artist Didi Senft's latest wheeled creation is a Christmas-themed reindeer bicycle named "Rudi".  Rudi the reindeer is rolling out, right in time for Christmas.

The massive metal structure is 4.4 meters or 14 feet long and 3.9 meters, or 13 feet tall. Its creator is German bicycle maker Didi Senft’s wheeled-creations have become a common sight during major European sporting events such as the Tour de France and countless soccer championships.

But Rudi has a special purpose and like his namesake will pull a large sleigh. He is supposed to go in front of the largest Christmas sleigh in the world, and also be lit. And it is supposed to look like Rudi flies across the sky with the big sleigh, to the angels and picks up the presents which he then gives out to the well-behaved children. Despite its bulky look, Senft says that Rudi is easy to steer.

And just like Santa himself, Senft has some help at hand from a little elf in the form of his grandson.

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