Artist Highlights Some Of The Most Crucial Issues Using Disney Characters

This artist uses our favorite childhood characters from Disney to talk about some pretty serious issues.

Disney Characters

While Disney spells “Happily Ever After” for most people, for Saint Hoax it is exactly the opposite.

Almost all of Hoax’s work has a message. His messages aren’t sweet and cute, but rather brutally honest. The faces Hoax uses to get the messages across are the ones most of us associate with our childhood – they are faces of Disney characters, our heroes and heroines growing up.

The issues he tackles ranges from child abuse to violence in Gaza.

Domestic Violence Against Men

In his series "Prince Charmless," he shows Disney heroes like Hercules, Prince Eric and Aladdin bruised and battered with a hard-hitting caption: "When did she stop treating you like a hero? Don’t be ashamed to ask for help."

Disney Characters

Disney Characters

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Disney Characters

Domestic Violence Against Women

The caption goes: “When did he stop treating you like a princess? It’s never too late to put an end to it.”

The mission is to create awareness campaign to encourage victims to report their cases to the authorities and stop the abuse.

Disney Characters

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Sexual Abuse of Minors

This is an extremely sensitive subject and one not many have the guts to depict, let alone depict it using childhood memories. But Saint Hoax has done exactly that:

Disney Characters

Children of Gaza

His series "Once Upon A War" questions the fate of beloved Disney characters if they were born in occupied Palestine and faced the same drastic situation that Palestinian children encounter every day.

Disney Characters

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Disney Characters

Religious Stereotypes:

“I'm Not A Terrorist” says it all. Stereotypes of all sorts are common; religious stereotypes reached an all-time high after 9/11 and the resulting War on Terror.

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Disney Characters

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