Salad Vending Machines Coming To Los Angeles

The machines will come to Los Angeles next year. Move over chips and candy! Step aside microwave burrito - there's a new vending machine in town and it's...healthy?!?

Yes! You can get your vending fix on while being healthy in Los Angeles (where else?!). 

Luke Saunders, founder of the Chicago-based Farmer's Fridge salad vending machines, wants on-the-go healthful food available when you're out and about. 

He plans to bring the machines to LA next year. 

Robert Allen, a music publisher in the LA area isn't so sure the concept will take off. "When I go to a vending machine, I want to get a treat - not some vegetables".

Third grade teacher Joey Zenker thinks it's a great idea. "I'm excited and hopeful, " she said. "I work in a school and there's such an epidemic of overweight children. Maybe having access to healthier choices can make a difference in the long run." 

Saunders' machines dispense plastic jars full of mixed greens, sprouts, beans, homemade dressings and more. 

Saunders saw a grab-and-go salad at a store while traveling and thought, "I could do that really well." So he decided to take the concept of a fresh salad to-go -- and put it into a vending machine. 


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