The Raw Truth About Carrots Improving Our Eyesight

Whether you love or hate carrots, you’ll want to know the scientific debunking of its eyesight improving capabilities.

Its dinner time and argh, something orange reared its crunchy head. Oh no, it’s a bunch of carrots.

Whether  served as soup, raw, sautéed or boiled – or the worst possible kind, juiced – carrot is not your favorite kind of food and you certainly aren’t in the mood for it, even if it’s supposed to work wonders for improving your eyesight.

Or does it? According to mom, yes.

According to science, not exactly. But in its own way, sort of.  
Here’s the most interesting fun-fact: the story about carrots improving eyesight was actually a myth created by the British during World War II, when they invented radar. They didn’t want their enemies to know the truth so they started a rumor that their military had beyond awesome eyesight because it ate a lot of carrots. Yes really.

Watch the video to find out the raw truth about carrots and eyesight – no pun intended. 

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