Got The Giggles? Here's Why You Can't Stop Laughing.

We'd tell you not to laugh, but scientists are proving you can't help it.

When something tickles your funny bone, you laugh. But whether it's a titter or guffaw, scientists are finding you don't actually have much control over whether you laugh. 

Dr. Robert Provine has studied laughter for 20 years and his findings are fascinating. Laughter is so primal that our brains can force it out of us.

Think about it: Laughter is one of the very few things all cultures share. We can identify laughter without translating it and the ha-ha-ha pattern we use tends to remain the same worldwide. It turns out there are neurological reasons for that.

Check out Provine's dive into our brain to uncover the secrets of laughter -- and why it has a dark side. 

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