5 Ways Smartphones Are Actually Dumb, As Proved By Science

The bad and the ugly of smartphone use. Which a majority of us own and use extensively for multiple purposes.

While there are a lot of good things that have come out of using smartphones, there are also some unpleasant things that make you wonder how smart it would be to continue using these gadgets.

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1) It’s presence is a constant distraction:

Being addicted to our phones is a real thing. According to this study by the journal of Social Psychology, simply the existence of your phone is a distraction enough – even when it’s not in the room. This is bad for society overall because for example, it can make you perform worse than you normally would in solving math problems. This is just the beginning of how those smartphones make for less smart people.

2) It ruins your back:

smartphone harmful back

Another study published by Surgical Technology International found that constant texting can lead to some serious back problems. This is due to the fact that we look down to check our phones, which is the equivalent of placing a 60-pound weight on one's neck, six bags of groceries or giving an 8-year-old a piggy back ride. That’s “text neck” for you. Ouch.

3) It ruins romantic relationships:

According to a recent study published in the journal Psychology of Popular Media Culture, through our phones we are constantly connected to the world. But this creates “technoference” in our romantic lives. Talk about the problems of modern bliss.

4) It makes for bad conversations:

A study by Journal of Social and Personal Relationships states that the long-term effects of using a phone are detrimental to the quality of real time interaction. Ever felt like saying LOL rather than actually laughing out loud? That’s just one example.

5) Radiation can harm your brain – or what’s left of it:

This is an unresolved topic, and will probably remain that way until the long-term effects of cell phones are more understood – which won’t happen for another few decades. But the fact that it been brought up again and again means that if anything, a genuine concern regarding the matter holds true.

So there you have it folks: The 21st century of smartphone users are bunch of addicted, stupid, uninteresting and un-lucky in-love slumps with chronic back problems – who may or may not have a brain tumor growing as they frantically check their phone. 

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