Jilted Bride Stages Epic Wedding Photos After Groom Ditches Her

When life gives you lemons and you are a groom-less bride, here is one brilliant idea to turn the tables from heartbreak into magic!

Now here’s a feel good story if there ever was one to tell.

Shelby Swink fell in love in 2011 when she met the man who would become her fiancé. And in November 2014, she experience the loss as he told her he was not in love with her and decided to not go ahead with their wedding as planned.

Talk about getting shot through the heart.

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What’s a jilted bride to do?

shelby swink wedding

Obviously, when life gives you lemons, you squeeze ‘em! Her photographer, Elizabeth Hoard suggested they have a photo shoot --- with paint!

wedding bride paint

The bride decided to go ahead with it.

“The moment the paint hit my dress… I was free. All the disappointment, all the hurt… I just felt it leave me. I can't even describe how liberating and cathartic the experience was for me. I let go of all the hurt and became myself again,” she wrote in a blog.

Why? Because no matter how many shades of gray there are…

bride heartbreak heartache

Life is full of all kinds of colors!

heartbreak artwork

Obviously, her friends and family had to have a piece of the fun too!

paintball wedding photoshoot

According to Buzzfeed, if she had any parting words for her now ex-fiancé, it would be “Thank you for sparing me greater pain and loss down the road. Thank you for pushing me to realize my own strength…”

strong bride love

"…Thank you for teaching me that no one can take away my happiness. Thank you for letting me go so I can one day experience true reciprocated love. THANK YOU!”

Even better is that her dress is going to be on display where her mother bought it for her, at the Barefoot Bride in Tennessee.

art wedding dress

Even more good news: The store will dedicate some of its proceeds to Be Free Revolution, a local nonprofit aimed at empowering men and women in Africa.

Shelby’s story is the perfect example of how resilient matters of the heart can be – especially with some good ol’ fashioned paint.

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