No One Will Ever Know You Sent Them This Sh*t

No, this isn’t a hoax or an Internet prank. There are a lot of “poop delivery” services out there.

like Poop Mail, I Poop You, Poop Senders, SmellyPoop – but a new online startup offers something others don’t: total anonymity.

ShitExpress” allows you to send animal feces to your adversaries in exchange for cryptocurrency, which essentially means the recipient will not be able to trace the package back to you.

For the Bitcoin equivalent of $17, the company will deliver, for instance, horse manure anywhere in the world on your behalf.

Just select an animal, provide the address, choose the wrapping paper for your package and pay with cryptocoins – it’s really that simple.

You also get to send a personalized message to the recipient, in case you wanted to add a little more thought to it.

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While the idea of anonymous revenge may sound incredible to many, there is a catch. ShitExpress can’t actually guarantee the delivery of feces since each country has its own set of rules pertaining to courier services.

To see if the new startup is as different from other poop websites as it claims to be, Motherboard's Jason Koebler sent an order to himself and here’s what he found:

“Today, just two weeks after I originally placed my order (no receipt!), said shit arrived as promised. It was declared at customs as a “Halloween Gag Gift,” but really, it was more than that, to me at least. Its safe, timely, and as-advertised arrival renewed my faith in today’s new crop of internet startups.”

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