Down Here! It's Short Girl Appreciation Day

Short girls stand tall on #ShortGirlAppreciationDay.

Short Girls

We all have at least one dear girl in our lives who is a precious bundle of love, fun, strength and humor. The only problem is that it’s a very small bundle, a teeny tiny bundle.

And though it matters none to the world, the fact that the lady isn’t above 5’2” or thereabouts is all that matters to her.

No matter what her friends, family and loved ones tell her, her dilemma remains.

This is most probably the reason why the world (at least the cyber world) is trying to make them see their real worth by celebrating the #ShortGirlAppreciationDay.

Will it do any good though?

Here are some of the common laments of our petite friends:

Short girls

Short Girls

Short Girls

Short Girls

And the bane of life:

Did someone tell them they can get even?

They probably did but just couldn’t hear it over self pity.

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"I'm not short," Daisy muttered. "Short women are never mysterious, or elegant, or pursued by handsome men. And they're always treated like children. I refuse to be short,”’ writes Lisa Kleypas in Secrets of a Summer Night.

Elizabeth Berg, another writer, shares her woes: “One thing I have always been is too short. It's adorable when you're in junior high. After that, it's a pain in the ass for the rest of your life.”

So the Internet is out to make them feel better and show them how they are just super:

And guess what? They DO feel better:

And why shouldn’t they?

The fact is that women may wish they were taller and lament for things they could do better or enjoy more with their additional inches, but they do accept themselves for who they are. At least they should; judging from the people around them who love them and cherish them for who they are and would never have them any other way.

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