Should One Kill Injured Insects Or Let Them Live

A dilemma sure to irk introspective souls. What is the morally correct thing to do with an injured bug?

Now before you dismiss this topic as inconsequential, we would request you to peer inside and look to the human that we hope exists within you.  

Have you ever “accidently” stepped on bug and then all at once felt guilt-ridden and confused as to what to do? Or have you ever randomly come across a fatally injured insect? As the creature you injured appears to writhe in pain, what really is the right thing to do?

 Essentially, you are left with either of the two possibilities

Kill the poor insect and end its pain, or let nature run its course and hope that it can resume a normal life once again. 

But bugs do not have pain receptors as vertebrates do. Hence, the argument that you ought to kill them to spare their agony is misplaced. While some argue that if an insect is severely damaged to the point that it can’t reproduce or mate, it has no purpose to live further. However, one may counter argue that this doesn’t at all illicit killing off the insect. It is a mere jab at what make’ an insects life worth living, which shouldn’t be in anyone’s hands really.

What is your first instinct? Do you want to step on this bug?

Alas, at the end of the day, there is no right or wrong here.  It’s important to understand that the research on how insects feel, per se, is very limited. That said, letting nature take its course seems like a better idea. If at the given moment you truly feel like killing the insect is the best thing to do, then do it. It all boils down to your intentions at the end of the day. 

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