Single And Ready To Mingle In New York? Just Pop Out At Matchmaker Café!

No more worries for the singles in New York looking for matches!

Matchmaker Café

No more worries for the singles in New York looking for matches!

Matchmaker Café is to the rescue!  Created by dating expert Nancy Slotnick, also the creator of Matchmaker Café, the Facebook application that allows you to connect with people!

This time, it’s a pop-up cart at the plaza and beer garden outside Andaz Wall Street, New York. It serves coffee and connects couples all at once!

Slotnick takes a picture of interested single customers and uploads them into her database of New York City singles.

Once they are the system, single men and women can check out photos on of other customers who have stopped by the cafe on Slotnick's iPad. 

If they see someone they like, Slotnick or one of her matchmakers will make the connection between the potential couple.

Yes, it’s as simple as that!

Though the Facebook application is targeted toward a younger audience, there’s no age limit for the café itself. 

Matchmaker Café

As far as the Facebook app is concerned it has the added benefit of reliability as opposed to dating sites that give you plenty of options but they know nothing at all about potential suitors.

Matchmaker introduces you to friends of friends on Facebook as well as within the network. It is easy then to pull a detailed background check. Matchmaker is also open to queries regarding prospective candidates.

The matchmakers personally know or are Facebook friends with everyone in the database. So that is a plus as well!

Though both the projects are her brain child, the pop up café is very close to her heart. “Public space changed my life the first time in ’99, when I met my husband on a street corner.  Now it’s changing my business life—who knew that all one has to do is go out in public?  I guess on some level I did.” She says on her blog.  

 She also believes that people have to connect in the real world, out in the public domain. So it sort of sealed her dream for a public place for her dream project!

She says while she was trying to find retail space in New York City for a potential Matchmaker Café site, with virtually no budget, she came across the empty space in Lincoln Center, next to the Apple store, on the same block that she and her husband met!

That was that and here is the Matchmaker Café to change many a lives!

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