What’s It Like To Suffer From Acne? Model Finds Out

A model steps into the shoes of a woman with acne to learn her distress firsthand.

As a model, a big part of Megan Morewood’s life revolves around staying fit, having flawless skin and looking good.

Megan’s own sister, however, always suffered from acute acne and while she knew her sister didn’t have it easy, she couldn't really relate to her. Until, through an experiment, Morewood decided to find out what it felt like for her sister.

“My sister has had a difficult time with her skin, and I want to put myself in her shoes,” says the British model and actor.

So she went through a makeup session that transformed her skin from flawless to one riddled with adult acne.

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Her skin may have been well-prepared for the experiment but no one prepared Morewood for what she looked like when she saw herself in the mirror.

She was shaken.

“It's not about other people judging me, it's more about how I feel about myself, my self-esteem,” she says in the video.

“I already feel less confident, and that's what my sister has had to deal with for years.”  

Acne is a problem that most of us have faced growing up. There are very few lucky teens who go through the already troubling teen years without a mark or two but to have it long past the teens only prolongs the misery.

Worse, adult acne is more complex than the teenage version.

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No matter what causes the acne, from bad dietary habits, hygiene issues, stress or just some skin ailment, it can really trample all over self-confidence.

Skin Clinics co-produced the video to create awareness about the problem, help people to understand the emotional effects on sufferers of acne and, of course, to offer solutions.

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