Anyone For Helping The Poor? Not These Stingy Folks

Are you one of those that get enraged when the poor get verbally abused yet are not even willing to spend even a dime on them?

That’s what happened to the poor guy in this video taken in London. Thankfully, he wasn’t impoverished, but was actually part of a social experiment.

The experiment was conducted by The Pillion Trust, a small charity-based organization taking care of the under-privileged and poverty stricken.

Since they operate on a small scale and don’t possess a suitable budget to pay for the ad-based campaigns, Publicis London, one of the world's leading communications networks, joined hands with them to create a short film documenting this social experiment. What the product does is highlight the hypocrisy in our society regarding the needy.

A man was sent on the busy street with a sign reading ‘F*ck the poor’.

As expected, he generated much attention, with people furiously coming up to him and criticizing the sign. Some were even seen advising him on how one should assist the poor and not curse them in such a bizarre way.

When the man managed to grab enough frowns and anger from the passersby, he flipped the sign and now it read ‘Help the poor’.

At that very instance, we can witness a clear change in the environment as people completely ignored him as if he wasn’t there in the first place.

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