Are You Ready For A Pizza With A Breaded Chicken Crust?

Good news for pizza fans, Domino’s has come out with an exciting new offering: a pizza with a breaded chicken crust.


How many of you have their mouths watering?

The latest offering called Specialty Chicken has the dough switched with fried boneless breaded chicken breasts. Now how heavenly is that?

It is heavenly indeed, but the breaded fried chicken must be loaded with calories, fat and what not.

It comes in four flavors:

1.       Classic Hot Buffalo

2.       Sweet BBQ Bacon

3.       Spicy Jalapeno

4.       Pineapple and Crispy Bacon & Tomato

The chicken is cut up into bite sizes and topped with sauce, cheese, veggies and meats.

"We're doing something with chicken that no one else is doing," says J. Patrick Doyle, Domino's CEO. "We look at this as an opportunity to do chicken with a twist."

What’s more, they aregiving away 25,000 freeorders of the Specialty Chicken.

However, Mike Fahey of Kotaku says, “Domino's Pizza doesn't call its strange new creation "Fried Chicken Crust Pizza", but that's pretty much what it is — breaded and fried chicken bites covered with sauce, cheese and toppings. They're rather odd.”

Another pizza lover adds, “I'd eat it. Nachos but with fried chicken nuggets, sound freaking tasty.

I would need an entire pack of Rolaids afterwards though. And my stomach would hate me after. And I'd need to pick all of the cholesterol from my arteries.

But it might be worth it.”

All things said, will the calories be worth it?

Watch the ad for the new offer and decide for yourself:

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