An Urn Is So Mainstream: 5 Crazy Things To Do With Your Ashes

You can be a tree or even a record: five strange ways you can live on after death.

Usually the biggest decision people have to make before they die is burial or cremation. Now we can add tree to the mix.

A biodegradable urn offered through can help assure you live on for another 70 or so years as a tree -- there are even seven varieties to choose from.

Bios Urn holds the ashes of the dearly departed in the bottom container and the tree seeds in the upper chamber. As the urn degrades, the ashes become part of the soil and nourish it. 

"Bios Urn transforms death into life through nature," the company promises. 

Now you just need to decide if you're spending eternity as a pine, maple, oak, ash, beech, Cypress or Ginko tree. 

Maybe you're not feeling particularly leafy after you check out. Here are four other ways to send ashes to their resting place.

"Live On From Beyond The Groove"

Music lovers will die over this offer: have your ashes made into a record. And Vinyly will transform the ashes into your favorite jam, or even a voice recording that can be played from beyond the grave.

Bonus! You can just send part of your body in case you want your ashes to go on other adventures. 


Toss The Disc Around

"Steady" Ed Headrick was called the "father of disc golf" and of the modern-day Frisbee. So when he died, it was only natural to incorporate Frisbees into his memorial. 

This took it one step further. Headrick's ashes were made into Frisbees -- and you can buy a set for just $200. 

"It was 'Steady' Ed's wish that once he passed away his ashes be incorporated into discs so that his soul could fly freely," the Disc Golf Association says. Mission accomplished.


Live On As a Tat

This is part memorial, part taking up in a host body after you die. Tattoo artists will mix ashes with ink and use it in a memorial tattoo.

Don't worry, they sift out the big ash chunks first. 


Diamonds Are Corpse's Best Friend 

Diamonds are nothing but a carbon-based gem, and we're nothing but carbon-based lifeforms. It's only natural the two should meet in a diamond made from your ashes. 

LifeGem will extract the carbon from ashes (or even hair if the body wasn't cremated), purify it, subject it to a ton of pressure and heat and voila! You're a diamond. Possibly a $20,000 diamond if you opt for the 1.5-carat stone.

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