Study On Childbirth Pain Said What?!?

Sensational headlines are NOT making women happy. Well that escalated quickly!

A new study from the Open University of Israel is making the rounds online today with sensational headlines like: 

Study says child birth pain not as painful as women claim

Twitter sat up and took notice! 

But hold on! Is that what the study is really about? Turns out, no. The headlines are a wee bit misleading. 


Candice read the study!  Here are the facts: 

  • 320 moms ranked pain from one (no pain) to 100 (worst pain imaginable) every 20 minutes while in labor.
  • Researchers called the moms two days after birth and two months later to see if they used the same pain scale. 
  • The result? Women rated the process less painful two days after their delivery than later.
  • Researchers concluded that moms are likely to forget the points during labor that aren't as painful and focus on the most painful moments. 


The reason for the study? To determine if an epidural is helpful for moms. 

Of course, this led to online speculation that the study was funded by medical insurance companies to avoid paying for pain management during childbirth. 

Now THAT would be worth a sensational headline! 

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