84% Of Vegans And Vegetarians Are Epic Fails

The grass is greener on the other side, thought most vegans and vegetarians.

A new study shows that most vegetarians and vegans go back to indulging in those cheeseburgers. No really, it’s true.

Most does not mean all, so if you’re either a dedicated herbivore who prefers to avoid those meat sweats, don’t get offended, because, you know, vegans and vegetarians alike are known for that.

Vegetarians And Vegans

Of course there’s a difference between vegans and vegetarians – why else would they be two separate words? While vegans avoid all things associated with animals, including dairy, eggs and leather jackets, vegetarians can stomach the idea of a boiled egg.

Vegetarians And Vegans

As it turns out, sticking to the greens is not easy. No siree. Even with famous personalities such as Lisa Simpson and Paul McCartney endorsing it.

Vegetarians And Vegans

So something that was bound to happen has finally been revealed in a study that states 84 percent of vegetarians and vegans go back to eating meat. Why?

Vegetarians And Vegans

Well, unfortunately for the meatless, a lot of them feel that they can’t keep up social pressure and cravings. Within a year of declaring their stomachs as a no-meat zone, 53 percent end up relapsing, either on a piece of bacon or something else, while 30 percent of them fall onto the other side of the food chain within three months.

This news comes in time for the holidays. Although Thanksgiving in the States is behind us, there’s still Christmas and so many other days to eat meat to your heart’s content.

Vegetarians And Vegans

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