5 Things Young People Do Which Can Apparently Make The Old Live Longer

Want to live longer? Then just think like a young person!

A recent study titled Feeling Old vs Being Old Associations Between Self-perceived Age and Mortality, research has proven what has long been speculated: if you feel young you will live longer.

The study was conducted by University College London. In some chunky scientific words, of the 6500 senior adults they studied in the UK, the ones who thought of themselves older than their actual age were deemed more likely to die sooner than the latter whose self-perceived aged shed off a few years.

 In other words, thinking like a young person is the path to immortality. So maybe Peter Pan was onto something?

So how do young people stay forever young? If you are what you eat, then indulging in the activities of the young would in fact result in thinking similar thoughts. Like totally because YOLO.

1) Dancing

Young People

Young people do this often, and not always with a commanding grace. Nonetheless, dance like no one’s watching. Dance the night away. Dance with someone you love. Or as one famous punk rock band called Fall Out Boy sang: “dance, dance, dance, dance…” Just don’t break a leg.

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2) Running

Young People

Not running in the sense of running away from your problems (which young people can sometimes do) but the other kind of running that makes your body perform better in multiple ways. Seriously, this is an established fact that has been proven by another study.

3) Social Media-ing

Young People

Generation X, Y and Z are all over the Internet. And, if you’re thinking that it’s a sad and lonely World Wide Web, a study which found that technology has actually been good for American youth. Also, if all else fails, there is a doctor you can go to if you’re addicted to scrolling through Buzzfeed’s lists, but he’s a YouTube video. So get on it and find out all about memes, Kim Kardashian’s selfies and more.

4) Being happy

Young People

This is something people struggle with a lot, and they’re always trying different ways to make it better. Just ask Pharrell Williams.

And finally saving the best for last, because really it’s the last resort and more than ideal for old age...

5) Procrastinating

Young People

It’s true. The young and restless are actually quite rested, because more often than not, idle hands set forth the procrastination movement. It may be frustrating to those who busybodies, but procrastination is truly a lost art.
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